Get Up Get Out Get Gone EP

by Paul Chesne Band

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released October 13, 2009

Get Up Get Out Get Gone EP


Recorded and produced at Melbourne Studios (Los Feliz) by the band

Drums for Get Up Get Out & Big Tits were recorded in Hell’s Waiting Room at Paxtonia Studios

The band is:

E. Paxton Pryor, IVth: Drums and backup vocals

Stephen Tegel: Bass

Jonny Niemann: Piano, organ and Wurlitzer

Eric “Dutch” Suoninen: Electric guitars

Paul Chesne: Vocals, acoustic guitar and songwriting

Publishing: Ain’t No Love Like Dark Love, BMI

Mixed by Scrote

Mastered by Kevin Bartley

Photo by Melinda Dahl




Paul Chesne Venezia

Why we play music:

For the love of it. Because we’re hungry. To make people happy and dance. To make all the pretty girls cry. Because we’re high. Because we’re low. Because we’re drunk or ascetic. Because we can’t in good conscience do anything else. ... more

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Track Name: Get Up Get Out Get Gone
Get up get out get gone

Let’s talk about what my problems are
exactly what the truth is

You come to my house and you wanna a drink
I could just as easily go to sleep

It’s not the drink, the drugs, or the careless love
It's multiple choice it’s all of the above

It could have just have easily been A or C
But the way things are goin’ it can only B D

Get up
Get out
Get gone
Lil baby can’t you see

She could walk out with my shaving cream
Clean me out of my pills

I can’t imagine what else of my valuables
She would have the guts just to steal

I checked my guitars and my piggy bank
She left them but that girl sure could drink

She drank my booze and she smoked my dank
She took my pills, thanks but no thanks

Oh me o my o
You know just exactly what to do
Little baby can’t you see
That I’m a reaction
To all this predictable made up news
I’ve been skeptical from square one of your accent
But who am I to question you
Track Name: Lovable Loser
Lovable Loser

Lovable loser
You’re late for the game
You ain’t got much goin’ on
No one can remember your name

They just call you loser
Just happy you called
Pick up the phone too quick
You gotta honor that thought

Everybody got to hit
The bottom of the barrel sometime
Everybody got to hit
The bottom of the barrel somehow

Lovable loser
You get deeper in debt
Maxed out credit cards
You owe me

Why don’t you call me loser
So I can write you a song
And you can reject it
I’m used to that anyway

Everybody got to hit
The bottom of the barrel sometime
Everybody got to hit
The bottom of the barrel somehow

2 time loser
1 time quitter
No time winner
All time loser

You bet on 1 horse to win
Nobody showed
You didn’t even place
Nowhere to go

Everybody got to hit
The bottom of the barrel sometime
Everybody got to hit
The bottom of the barrel somehow
Track Name: Sour Grapes
Sour Grapes

Life give me sour grapes
I’ll make wine
When it starts to flood I drink
Like a diver deep in the ocean
I’m knee deep in pure devotion
20,000 leagues below what people think

Life give me empty bottles
I’ll make moonshine
You can’t stop movin’ I’ll make you a still
No matter what your trip implies
You don’t have to worry your pretty little mind
I’ll give you 20 bucks for every man that you kill

Not even Jesus, no he ain’t gonna save ya
And I’m not gonna take on all of your guilt
You better talk to your mama
Before somebody else will

And if we drink up all the wine
And the storm gets too severe
You don’t have to worry your pretty little mind
You don’t have to go searchin’ online
Cuz I got what you need right here
Track Name: Geographically Undesirable
Geographically undesirable revised capo 2nd fret
Dm G
geographically undesirable
C Am
emotionally unavailable
Dm G
financially unstable
what have I got to offer you

Dm G
inherently unemployable
C Ami
company unenjoyable
doesn't read the bible
not sexually viable
C Ami
what are we gonna do

make up another excuse
I got a hunch but I ain't got a clue
You're judging me I ain't judgin' you

That's patently untrue

Wicked little rascal
you might even call me an asshole
But that would be awful
completely irresponsible
You might even say harmful
malicious & wrongful
C Am
like no child left behind

Why you give me you number
you runnin some kinda hotline

Ask a question you answer in kind
Learnin' to fall it's like riding a bike
You could sublet my cubicle if you like

I'm not trying to start a brawl
The world gets a little lonely sometimes that's all

We're just lonely that's all
Track Name: Blonde Hair Big Tits Red Mercedes
Blonde Hair Big Tits

Blonde hair big tits red Mercedes
I hate her guts
She drives me nuts
Her daddy’s crazy

Dumb as a doorknob
Her musical tastes lean toward the lame
She’s proud of the fact that she listens to KZLA

Her hair is a mess
She incessantly complains about her ex-es
Her bumper sticker proudly displays “Don’t Mess With Texas”

Blonde hair big tits red Mercedes
Silver spoon
Drunk by noon
She punched me silly

Homecoming queen captain of the cheer leading squad
She’s gonna end up an alcoholic just like her mom

On her sweet 16 her daddy said the sky’s the limit
But she was well beyond their means before they knew

She really got
Brown hair small titties blue Prius
She means well but her credit cards are all at their maxes


You got a lotta nerve to say that you are my friend
F# B
You try to bring me down to a place I’d rather forget

You really got
Blonde hair big tits red Mercedes
I work so hard
With no regard
It makes her angry

Blonde hair big tits red Mercedes
I hate her guts
She drives me nuts
Her daddy’s crazy